Rotary Community Corps

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Rotary Community Corps (RCC) are local associations similar to a civic group whose members are not Rotary but share the same values and humanitarian goals.

RCCs are “partners in service”: under the direction and support of the Rotary “Sponsorship Club”, members plan and implement projects in health, education or other areas that meet local needs. They can also actively support existing Rotary projects.

There are more than 10,000 of these groups in 100 countries that have proven themselves in many operations.

Foundation of RCC

A Rotary Community Corps is established and maintained by a Rotary club. However, other clubs can come to support this – even clubs from other countries. RCCs rely on their sponsoring clubs, so it is important that Rotarians are well informed about the program and commitments. Discuss your ideas about RCCs with the club management and submit a concept and suggestions for possible members. After you have convinced your club and the member search has been successfully completed (at least 10 members should have been recruited), the group can be officially recognized as an RCC by RI.

Why Rotary Community Corps?

“Rotary Community Corps are anchored locally, part of the community. You can be mobilized easily and mobilize easily! It is this local connection that is a key success factor for RCC’s operations. So if Rotary can work with such corps, it guarantees us the sustainability of a project. Because these people are still there. And they want to make sure that their projects continue to function successfully. “

Ron Denham, founder of the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group

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