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    International Service

    International service is an example of our global reach in promoting peace and understanding. We support this service path through sponsorship or volunteering in international projects, the search for partners abroad and much more.

    Intercountry Committees (ICC)

    Task of the ICCs

    1. Establishing and supporting club partnerships
    2. Advice, possibly partner club search for joint projects (global grants)
    3. Development of exchange programs, in particular:
      – Friendship Exchange
      – New Generation Service Exchange
      – Youth Exchange
      – Vocational Training Teams

    ICC Austria – Croatia

    ICC Austria-Serbia / Š˜Š¦Š¦ ŠŃƒŃŃ‚Ń€ŠøјŠ°-Š”рŠ±ŠøјŠ°

    Chair in AT: Andreas Vƶgl, RC Wien-Hofburg Mitglieder: Dietmar Bƶckmann RC Wien-Hofburg, Paul Jankowitsch, RC Baden, Herbert Pfeiffer, RC Wien-Stadtpark, DI Dr. Ranko Vujačić, RC Wien-Hofburg Chair in SRB: Vladimir Matić, RC Beograd Čukarica

    ICC Austria – Czech Republic – Slovakia

    Chair in AT: Dalibor Truhlar, RC Linz-AltstadtVice-Chair: Karl Peterlik, RC Wien
    Chair in CZ: Martin Saitl, RC Trebic
    Chair in SK: Miroslav VodňanskĆ½, RC Nitra

    ICC Austria – Egypt

    Chair in AT: Ismail Sadek, RC Tulln
    Chair in Egypt: Ashraf ElMokadem, RC Rhein-Nile
    Vice-Chair: John Luke, RC Alexandria Cosmopolitan
    plus other members of the RC Weiz (contact Herbert Ederer) of the RAC Weiz and the RAC Tulln-Krems

    ICC Austria – France

    Chair in AT: Karl Tantscher, RC Wien-Hofburg
    Vice-Chair: Benjamin Codet, RC Hollabrunn-Weinland, Paul Jankowitsch, RC Baden
    Chair in F: tba
    (an extension is currently being made discussed this ICC with Germany, i.e. an ICC AT-DF)

    Austria – Germany – Principality of Liechtenstein – Switzerland
    Chair in AT: Dietmar Amann, RC Vorarlberg
    Vice-Chair: Gustav Oberwallner, RC Gmunden
    Claudia Daeubner, RC Wien-Graben; Paul Jankowitsch, RC Baden
    Chair in Germany: Eugen Hefti, RC Bruchsaal-Rhein, Hermann Sacher, RC Waldshut-SƤckingen
    and other delegates
    Chair in Liechtenstein: Rolf Geiger, RC Liechtenstein
    Chair in Switzerland: Willi Enderli, RC FĆ¼rstenland
    with numerous other delegates

    Austria – Germany – Romania
    Chair in AT: Walter Winding, RC Zell am See
    GĆ¼nther Ertler, RC Feldbach
    Chair in D: Marianne Lehmann, RC ob der Rotheburg Tauber
    Hansjƶrg Weitbrecht, RC Stuttgart-Wildpark
    Chair in RO: Paul Popescu, RC Bucharest
    Cristian Jurji, RC Sibiu

    Austria – Israel
    Chair in AT: GĆ¼nter Ertler, RC Feldbach
    Chair in Israel: Laura Netzer, RC Rehovot

    Austria – Germany – Italy
    Chair in AT: Horst Kubek, RC Kufstein
    Gert Thalhammer, RC Spittal / Drau
    and other delegates of the RC Tulln
    Chair in D: Bianca Leitz- Kƶnig, RC Schweinfurt-Peterstirn
    Chair in I: Andrea Stix, RC Milano Ovest

    Austria – Japan
    Chair in AT: Ernst Laschan, RC Wien-Hietzing
    Expansion with RC Gleisdorf in preparation
    Chair in Japan: tba

    ICC Austria – Bosnia and Hercegovina – North Macedonia – Slovenia

    Chair in AT: Volkmar Pƶtsch, RC Leibnitz
    in Zusammenarbeit mit RAC Wien-Graben, RAC Klagenfurt-Wƶrthersee, RC Spittal/Drau, RC Wolfsber
    Chair in BiH: Nedžad Pirić, RC Tuzla
    Chair in NM: Emilija Pajkovska, RC Skopje International
    Chair in SLO: Anton Končnik, RC Bled

    ICC Austria – Tanzania – Uganda

    in cooperation with delegates from RC Wien Connect and RC Gmunden
    Chair in TZ: Sharmila Harish Bhatt, RC Bahari Dar El Salam
    Chair in basement: Francis Xavier Sentamu, RC Kiwatule

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