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    Who we are

    Rotarians cultivate international friendships, live by their social principles and work together wherever humanitarian aid is needed. The problems of our time require consistent commitment and a realistic vision of the future. Here Rotary has been leading the world as an established organization for over 110 years to find sustainable solutions – locally and internationally.

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    What we do

    Rotary members feel responsible for the people on this planet. Our over 35,000 clubs organize projects in six key areas:

    • Peace work
    • Disease control
    • Wasser- und Hygieneprobleme
    • Caring for mother and child
    • Education Support
    • Economic Development

    Our mission

    We help other people, promote integrity and are committed to worldwide understanding, goodwill and peace – through our community of entrepreneurs, managers from all sectors and from the municipal sector.

    Get involved

    More than just networks

    Rotary is less about business than friendship, members say

    Vienna. Domestic members of the Rotary Club recently received high honor: The “Women In Rotary For International Peace” event was the first in which the organization discussed the contribution of its women to world peace. Rotary World President Sakuji Tanaka personally traveled to the lecture series in the Haus der Industrie, moderated by the director of the Jewish Museum Vienna Danielle Spera: In his short speech, he stated that a lot had already been achieved in the women’s cause much more needs to be achieved.

    Rotary is the oldest and, after the Lions Club, the second largest of the so-called service clubs. This is an organized association of people who, on the principle of common values – which are humanitarian and philosophical, but not religious and political content – cultivate exchanges among themselves and work for the good of others.

    Network and help

    To put it more pragmatically: it’s about networking and helping those in need. “Of course you want to generate business contacts,” says a Lions member. “But it’s always nice to see the blink in the eyes of people who have been helped.”

    In addition to the Lions with 1.3 million members worldwide and Rotary (1.2 million), Kiwanis is a service club of considerable size with just over half a million members. Like the Lions Club and Rotary, it is based in the United States. In contrast to the latter, which forced their global spread early on, Kiwanis limited its reach to the North American continent until the 1960s. In this way it has significantly fewer members in other parts of the world. There are also pure women service clubs like Soroptimist or Zonta. Until the end of the 20th century, such structures were the only chance for women to make use of this form of organization because of the male-union structures of the large clubs.

    Indispensable recommendation

    Both the Lions and the Rotary did not open to women until 1989. The Lions hold about 11 percent women in Austria, Rotary only 8.1 percent. In 1997 the first club with female participation was launched. Management consultant Burkhard Neumayer accompanied the foundation as an experienced Rotarian: “It was exciting because back then there were only pure men’s clubs. After a short time I was able to determine how well this new form of Rotary clubs worked for Austria. Today it’s all history, since then there have only been mixed new clubs and you don’t really talk or think about it anymore. “


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